Winter’s frosty hand is knocking at our doors again here in Denver! Throughout the holiday season, the weather can get pretty extreme, with droves of snow piling on top of every home for miles around!

What’s more, there’s a dangerous creation that seems to go hand in hand with a snowy roof… We’re talking about the freezing gang of intimidating icicles hanging around your gutters. Behind the scenes, ice dams can form within your gutters, causing drainage problems that can cost you an arm and a leg in the long term. Not So Happy Thanksgiving.

This holiday season however, we want to help you relax. The only ice you’ll be seeing are the cubes floating in your eggnog, thanks to our heated gutter system, Helmet Heat!

What is Helmet Heat?

Helmet Heat is the gutter heating system that’ll change your winter for good. So this Thanksgiving, you can heat up your gutters and your turkey at the same time!

But why do you need it?

Icicles and ice dams form due to an uneven distribution of heat. This occurs when your cozy home melts the snow that lands on your roof just enough for it to start forming ice! This ice then solidifies as it reaches the edges of the gutter, forming icicles and ice dams.

Helmet Heat offers a solution – a set of heated cables that are attached to your gutters. These heat up the area evenly, so that you can clear the ice safely, as and when you need! Coupled with our Gutter Helmet system, these discreet heating cables keep your home looking pristine and ice free!

Can I Put Ice Melt In My Gutter?

Ice Melt is a very short-term solution to a long term, recurring problem. It requires daily application, and you can’t guarantee even distribution. You’d have to get through a lot of Ice Melt to stay on top of those ice dams and icicles! And no one likes a half-cooked turkey.

Our Helmet Heat gutter heaters come with a 10-year warranty, they’re easy to use – just switch them on and off when you need. Because who has time to be pouring ice melt down their gutters every day?

Are Heated Gutters worth it?

Heated gutters mean that you can enjoy your holiday season get togethers without worrying about your guests being impaled by icicles. And that’s always a plus, right? But on top of the advantage of safety, the long-term benefits to your home are huge. Ice dams are the real enemy here – they’re the behind-the-scenes winter gangsters that will damage your home in the long run!

Ice dams get in the way of drainage, which can lead to some serious damp issues, and bring forth a whole host of complicated problems.

By installing Helmet Heat, you can protect your home from such costly, inconvenient issues. Helmet Heat is durable, easy to use and easy on the eye, so add it to your Thanksgiving shopping list to protect your home (and guests!).

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