The Gold Standard for Gutter Guards

Forbes ranks Gutter Helmet as the gold standard for gutter guards, citing rain resistance and best-in-class warranty.

Forbes Advisor, a leading source for home improvement advice, listed Gutter Helmet as the best gutter guard of 2022 in their March 2022 gutter guard reviews article.

The article’s authors ranked dozens of gutter guard companies using metrics including rain resistance, available colors, warranty, and Better Business Bureau grades. Gutter Helmet received a score of 4.7 stars out of 5. The ranking is yet another crown for a company with over 40 years of history in the gutter guard industry.

Gutter guards protect the home from rain and water damage. However, they must remain clear of debris to deliver this function effectively. Gutter guards like Gutter Helmet are practical solutions that keep debris away from the gutter area.

It is a patented gutter guard design for new or existing gutters. A professional installation of the guard helps keep rainwater and melted snow and ice flowing across the gutter by preventing debris build-up.

Without Gutter Helmet, accumulated debris can block the gutters forcing rainwater to spill over down the sides of a property. Consistent spillovers create a moisture problem inside and outside the building. Mold and mildew develop as the moisture problem worsens.

Gutter Helmet’s design allows rainwater to reach the gutters by blocking all debris, including pine needles, leaves, broken branches, flying plastic, and more. It also keeps the gutters free from pest infestations.

Forbes Advisor’s selection of the product is further confirmation of its efficacy. It ranked highest after rigorous analysis from the editorial team.

With thousands of gutter guard manufacturers across the globe, the gold-standard award from Forbes is a ringing endorsement of the Gutter Helmet brand. Colorado property owners now know the right product to choose to keep the rainwater outside is available at Gutter Helmet of Denver.

Gutter Guard Reviews Highlight Gutter Helmet as the Best

The Forbes Advisor authors chose Gutter Helmet as the top brand of gutter covers following their review due to the long-term (triple lifetime) warranty, compatibility with roof gutters around the country, and excellent rain resistance. The reviewers also took the excellent BBB grade and accreditation into account.

Gutter Helmet features an anti-corrosive surface that protects against acid rain and saltwater. The product can withstand up to 22 inches of rain per hour, keeping the gutters clear regardless of your environment.

With the triple lifetime warranty, multiple generations of homeowners can enjoy gutter protection for decades. Unlike the competition, property owners can transfer the warranty on their Gutter Helmet to new occupants after selling the property. The company’s highly responsive customer service desk completes the transfer quickly.

The product’s compatibility makes it a good fit for all types and sizes of roofing and gutter structures. It can fit both new and existing guttering. Additionally, property owners can install Gutter Helmet without voiding their roof warranty. Some roof manufacturers recommend installing gutter guards as one of the ways to ensure roofing longevity.

The product is the gold standard among the different types of gutter guards due to their longevity and low-maintenance design. Owners typically do not need to repair the product after professional installation.

Gutter Helmet is a reinforced aluminum guard with openings 3/8-inch wide. The small opening is a major reason for its efficacy at keeping out debris and making eaves and fascia an unlikely choice for pests seeking a new home.

In addition, professional Gutter Helmet installation protects the roof from rot due to water damage. It also eliminates the need for property owners to risk injury during gutter cleaning or hire a contractor to clear out debris and maintain excellent water flow.

Overall, Gutter Helmet is one of the best gutter guard options for property owners looking to avoid costly property damage and the need for regular gutter maintenance.

Wildfire Mitigation and Home Ignition Zone

The Colorado State Forest Service at Colorado State University recommends removing all pine needles and other flammable debris from a 5-foot radius around the foundation of the home and deck. Moreover, their top priority for structural ignitability is to ensure removal of all leaves, pine needles and other debris from all decks, roofs and gutters.

Installing Gutter Helmet provides a long-term solution as well as piece of mind that your gutters will always be free of debris in compliance with this advice.

Reduce the Risk of Fire With Gutter Helmet

The roof is the most vulnerable part of a home during a wildfire. Leaving combustible material on it increases the risk of significant loss.

Gutter Helmet reduces the risk of fire damage by preventing a pileup of combustible organic material around a roof. Properties in wildfire-prone areas benefit from using the reinforced aluminum gutter helmets to keep out highly flammable pine needles, dried leaves, twigs, and other debris.

Without Gutter Helmet, this debris will get into the gutter and dry out. Dried pine needles, in particular, will make their way through other guard guards and become kindling in the event of a wildfire or domestic fire accident at the property. That’s why Gutter Helmet are the best gutter guards for pine needles and other small debris.

The upfront cost of installing Gutter Helmet pales in comparison to the level of protection it provides during a fire. The product offers dual protection from fire damage by preventing debris accumulation and keeping out embers that can travel from miles away.

Best Gutter Guards Near Me: Gutter Helmet

Denver-area property owners understand the risk associated with cleaning gutters. Ladder fall accidents are a common cause of hospitalizations every year. Similarly, water and fire damage lead to property loss amounting to billions of dollars every year.

Gutter Helmet addresses both concerns by providing homeowners with robust gutter protection. The product keeps gutters clean all year round. The guard covers the gutter top, and the thin lip allows water and debris runoff. The small openings only allow water through, making it the top gutter guards available according to Forbes Advisor.

Founded in 1963, SEMCO—the manufacturer of Gutter Helmet—continues to maintain its position as a leading manufacturer of metal building components. Their gutter guard is a reflection of their commitment to precision engineering.

Homeowners searching for the “best gutter guards near me” will likely find value for money adhering to the Forbes Advisor recommendation.

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