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Sol-Lux Retractable Awnings

  • 100% Solar powered window awning, responds to the sun’s rays
  • Designed to automatically close in response to inclement weather
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars annually by reducing harmful UV rays from entering your home
  • Sol-Lux Window Awnings are personally customized for your home
  • Decreases high energy costs from over-heat exposure from sunlight
  • 180+ powder coat case colors to select from – allows you to match your home
  • 70+ Marine-grade Sunbrella fabric colors to choose from
  • Use the Sol-Lux mobile app to set vacation mode, adjust light, wind, and temperature sensitivity for automatic operation
  • For manual control, use the Sol-Lux mobile app for instant extension and retraction via Bluetooth (available via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store)
  • Blocks the sun – not your view
  • Local Colorado dealer can bring sample color swatches to your home to confirm your colors and sizes and complete installation

Sol-LuxA Revolutionary Product:

Your windows bring both beauty and warmth to your home, but powerful UV rays from overexposure to the sunlight brings heat, higher cooling bills, and sun damage.  Sol-Lux is here to save you both time and money, providing you with an automatic awning that is 100% solar powered.  This window awning is custom-built and designed for your home, providing your home the protection from the sun you need with an aesthetically pleasing look.

Sol-Lux utilizes smart technology and is extremely user friendly. Fully solar powered, this awning will retract automatically in high wind. You can also program sensitivity settings that tells the awning to extend or retract based on the weather.

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