Manually cleaning your gutters is time-consuming, troublesome and dangerous each time you climb that ladder, just some of the reasons why more people are switching to gutter covers and gutter guards for maintenance of their gutter. Gutter guards prevent the buildup of debris and help improve your gutter ecosystem.

A high-quality gutter cover allows water to flow freely through gutters and prevents debris from being left behind where it can cause problems such as sparking a fire – while also removing the hassle of constant gutter cleaning.

So, why should you buy gutter covers instead of manually cleaning gutters every season?

  • Gutter covers ensure you don’t have to clean your gutters — protecting them and yourself from harm.
  • You are tired of cleaning your gutters. Let’s face it — no one looks forward to this tedious task. You probably wish they could clean themselves!
  • You simply don’t have time to clean your gutters anymore.

Home Improvement Store Gutter Guards

Self-installing gutter covers might seem like a cost-efficient and beneficial option, but with professional installation the results will be superior.

You may find a gutter cover that looks like a good solution at the local home improvement store due to the price and ease of purchase, but you’ll likely pay more in the long run for an inferior product. Also, there is no guarantee that the gutter covers you choose will fit properly, nor that the type you select will adequately filter out dry leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris well over time.  These DIY products are most definitely inferior to Gutter Helmet, which was recently rated the best Gutter Guard by Forbes.

Various things can go wrong when following YouTube tutorials or consulting multiple sources for instructions on DIY gutter guard installation. You may save a few bucks asking the local home improvement store employee which gutter guards you should get, and ask what is the harm in installing them yourself?

For starters:

  • It is inefficient and can cause gutter and costly roof damage to your primary residence.
  • The installation quality is not professional grade and may not stand the test of time.
  • Your gutters may remain clogged and dirty, despite the effort.
  • You will likely have mismatched gutter covers in size and/or color.
  • Your warranty, if there even is one, is limited to the product only, unlike Gutter Helmet who provides a lifetime performance warranty that guarantees you’ll never clean your gutter again.

Professionally Installed Gutter Protection

The best way to guarantee durable and dependable gutter covers is to hire a professional firm with years of experience and a stellar reputation. A professional installation with Gutter Helmet of Denver will ensure your gutter guards fit perfectly and perform for many years – in fact with a lifetime guarantee. Whereas installing gutter covers yourself, even if you are quite handy, will likely not be ideal. Our installers are also familiar with the various types of challenges installation can bring.

You can benefit from a professional gutter installation because:

  • Your gutter covers will fit perfectly upon installation.
  • There is no sacrificing quality for a cheaper material— you will get you the best product for the best price.
  • Our installers have experience and can troubleshoot unique or complicated installation designs.
  • You won’t have to spend extra money down the road to replace or fix the gutter guards when a do-it-yourself job goes wrong later.
  • Your gutter warranty will remain for a lifetime and you won’t experience damage to your home while installing the gutter covers.

The choice is simple: DIY gutter cover installation cannot compare to having them installed by a professional from the top brand in the USA according to Forbes. Instead of climbing up a ladder and cleaning your gutters, call the professionals at Gutter Helmet of Denver today to get started!

Never clean your gutters again by calling Gutter Helmet of Greater Denver & North Colorado at 302-298-8888! Gutter Helmet selected the best gutter guard of 2022 by Forbes Magazine.

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