Helmet Heat Cable for Denver & Surrounding Cities in Colorado

As a resident of Northern Colorado, you are well aware of the dangerous conditions that can develop during cold winter weather, when snow and ice converge on your gutters and form heavy ice dams on your roof.  Not only can overflow create dangerous rows of icicles hanging precariously from the eaves, but without proper maintenance, ice dams can lead to significant damage due to leaking or even roof collapse.

Gutter Helmet of Greater Denver & Northern Colorado has the solution you’re looking for thanks to the Helmet Heat Ice Reduction System, designed to reduce  winter threats like heavy icicles that could rain down on people and pets below or ice dams that could damage your roof.  When paired with Gutter Helmet solutions, you’ll enjoy year-round protection from the elements and the many types of harm that could befall your home with an open-gutter system.

What is Helmet Heat?

The Helmet Heat Ice Reduction System is designed for use with Gutter Helmet solutions and is meant to be installed directly under your Gutter Helmet coverings.  Whether you already have Gutter Helmet products installed or you’re interested in protecting your gutters from clogs and freezing alike, you have the option to install both systems simultaneously or add Helmet Heat to an existing Gutter Helmet system. .

Because this product is installed under Gutter Helmet gutter coverings, it is outwardly invisible.  Unlike other thawing products, there are no unsightly exposed wires or clips marring your roof line.  When you’re ready to put your system to use, all you have to do is switch it on and let it go to work on any snow or ice on your roof, eliminating threats like icicles and ice dams before they have a chance to form.

This protects your gutters from frozen water that could lead to cracks and leaks, but it also protects your roof from the buildup of heavy ice dams that could cause leaking or collapse, as well as overflow icicles that could fall at any time.  By partnering with Gutter Helmet of Greater Denver & Northern Colorado to install a Helmet Heat system, you can keep your home and your family safe from potential harm during the cold winter months.

What are the Benefits of Helmet Heat?

Aside from the essential safety benefits Helmet Heat provides, you’ll also enjoy increased energy efficiency when you use this product.  Ice dams are typically caused by warm air escaping your home through the roof.  When this occurs, it causes snow atop the roof to run toward the gutter, where it freezes and begins to build up, creating a heavy ice dam.

This, in turn, can lead to cracks and leaks that not only allow water and cold air to seep into your home, but also let even more warm air out, decreasing interior comfort and causing you to crank the heat to compensate.  This can drive energy usage through the roof – literally!  Adding a Helmet Heat system from Gutter Helmet of Greater Denver & Northern Colorado ensures that any runoff reaching the roof line slips harmlessly over the edge, reduces  both icicles and roof dams and keeping your home intact and running efficiently.

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