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Cleaning the gutters

It’s one of those tasks all homeowner’s dread. If you have a house in Denver, the thought of climbing a ladder to clean leaves, rotting organic material, and other debris out of your gutters probably makes you wince. Chances are, cleaning your gutters is a household chore that you put off for as long as possible, or even avoid all together!

But leaving your gutters to get filthy and even blocked can lead to permanent damage to your drainage system and to your house itself. That’s why it’s crucial to find solutions to the problem of clogged gutters before they can wreak expensive havoc on your home.

Most people hate the thought of cleaning their gutters because it’s tiresome and/or time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, after you read this article, you’ll realize you may never need to clean your gutters ever again, because Gutter Helmet of Greater Denver has the perfect solution.

Patented gutter protection

Originally created by an MIT Grad in 1981, in our 40 years the Gutter Helmet product has been awarded 7 patents. Our innovative gutter protection design is the most effective and permanent solution on the market today, unlike many other leaf filter products that will clog over time.

Using a gutter protection system is a straightforward, labor-saving way to keep your gutters flowing smoothly and prevent blockages or buildup. With Gutter Helmet’s patented design you’ll never have to clean your gutters again. Don’t be fooled by leaf filter guards or leaf filter systems as these screen mesh products are not a permanent solution. Just think of the hours you’ll save balancing precariously on a ladder, scrubbing out debris and muck!

We’re sure you’re wondering, ‘how exactly does this innovative system work? And what sets it apart from the competition?  Keep reading to find out why Gutter Helmet is the solution of choice across the industry. And why it’s a better guard than other screen mesh leaf filter products.

Why Choose Gutter Helmet?

Not only is the Gutter Helmet a great product, but we also have enough confidence in it to offer a lifetime transferable warranty on both materials and performance. So, in the (extremely) unlikely event of something going wrong, you can rest assured that your investment is protected (and you still won’t have to go up that ladder!).

Revolutionary Design

When it was designed in the 80s, this product design was revolutionary, and it remains so today. Its innovative, nose-forward design allows water to enter your gutters, while dirt and debris are separated and pushed out to the ground below. Compared to inferior leaf filter screen mesh products that accumulate dirt and debris and clog and fail.

Sturdy Installation

Gutter Helmet uses reinforced aluminum alloy brackets which guarantee a sturdy, secure, and long-lasting installation.

Textured Surface

Gutter Helmet comes with a patented textured surface that helps with tensile strength and survives even the heaviest rain showers and snowstorms. Everything simply flows off the roof and into the gutters.

Robust Finish

The proprietary PermaLife™ finish enhances color retention and offers protection from wear and tear, meaning your gutter guards won’t degrade and look shabby over time. Because appearance is just as important as functionality.

Flawless Customer Service

Finally, with Gutter Helmet’s expert team of highly skilled technicians and installers, you’ll be in safe hands. With years of industry experience, we will install your new Gutter Helmet solution perfectly and be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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