Gutter Helmet protects your gutter from leaves, pine needles and more.

Spooky season is upon us. While this might be great news for witches, ghosts, and pumpkin salespeople, your gutters will be hiding behind the sofa with a pillow over their eyes.

A cluster of creepy crawlies are turning your innocent gutters into a haunting Halloween hideout. They’re using residual pine needles, standing water and leaves as 5-star hotel bedding, but this is a review TripAdvisor doesn’t want to hear about.

If only there was some sort of gutter guard for pine needles, a spell, maybe? Some eye of newt? Well, put down the toad and step back from the cauldron because Gutter Helmet is your one-stop gutter protection shop.

4 Creepy Crawlies That Could Be Hiding In Your Gutters


It’s not just vampires doing the blood-sucking this spooky season, the mosquitos are in town, and they’re living in (on) your home. And they’re not even paying rent!

These bitey boys thrive in gutters by laying their eggs in standing water. Once they breed, you’ve got an infestation on your hands – and this one’s an itch you just can’t scratch. That is, without the help of an effective gutter guard for pine needles, leaves and water. Luckily, we’re here to do the heavy lifting on this one—what a coincidence.

Rats, Mice & Squirrels

Long tail, red eyes, surly temperament – no, this isn’t your Bio; it’s the rats, mice and/or squirrels that have turned your gutters into a romantic rodent retreat.

Not to scare you even more, but these unwanted house guests can easily find their way into your attic and wall space from your poorly guarded gutters. The solution: some sort of gutter guard for pine needles, — oh wait, that’s us. That’s Gutter Helmet!


Oh, to be awoken peacefully from your slumber by the dulcet tones of a songbird.

Except it’s 4 am, and you’ve got work in a few hours. And that songbird is more like a bullhorn filled with angry hornets and broken glass.

Gutters make the perfect nesting ground for birds, with a generous selection of leaves, twigs, and dirt – like an avian Home Depot.

It’s time to guard your gutters against pine needles and other debris with Gutter Helmet!

Stinging Insects

Picture this; you’re a pesky wasp on the lookout for a new haunt (pardon the pun). You catch a glimpse of a gutter and do a double take. You can’t believe your luck—standing water, small insects to eat, pine needles and leaves to frolic in. Your wasp parents said you’d never make it, now look at you!

For everyone else, though, this is more of a nightmare than a dream sequence. But the solution is simple: invest in a practical, simple gutter guard for pine needles, leaves, water… anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

If you’re looking for some effective gutter protection this fall, just visit our website for more information, or to get in contact with our friendly team of experts.

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